Monday, 7 December 2015

Happy Holidays!

Since the holidays are coming up, Olivia F and I have made a music video just to say Happy Holidays!
Song: Happy Holidays by Janet Devlin

(Did you guys go to the Christmas parade? Amazing right?)

Poetry (Cinquains and Free Verse)

Description: In Troy's writing group, we have been focused on Cinquains and Free Verse poetry. My cinquain is about the moon and my free verse is about watching the Disneyland fireworks with my cousin. Here is a slide of all of our poetry. Cinquains is a type of poerty thats ordered from syllables. In the first line you have to have 2 syllables, then 4, then 6, 8 and back to 2. For freeverse, there are no rules. You can write it however you desire. My slide is the 4th one :P

Big Idea:

    (\ _ /)                                                      
   ( ' x ' )    
Feed|back/ Feedforward: Wow Aye that is some amzing poetry. My favourite is the free verse just the starting is wow! Next time I think you could work on the background or chose a diffverent colour for the words so that they stand out. but appart frome that I think you did an amazing job.

Evaluation: Thanks Sophie for the feedback and Feedforward! I think that I have done a great job in using words to describe my topic. I believe I have officially gotten an understanding of Cinquains and Freeverse. Maybe next time I could add more language features and stay to the rules of Cinquains.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blooms Questions

Here are my questions for week 7

What is Kelly doing:
Kelly is to busy shopping while she has the chance because she doesn't have much money at home.
Where is Carl Carl is with the Washerwoman
What instructions could you give to Carl Listen to the woman. 
Lolly pops have nothing to do with this. -_-