Thursday, 27 March 2014


WALT: evaluate the mean, median, mode and range for a set of data.
The adults on camp collected the scores for their air rifle shots.
We had to collect the scores and try work out the mean, median, more and range.
Actually write in the comments below of what you think the answer is.

ADULT 1 ADULT2 ADULT 3 ADULT4. Adult 5 adult 6
65.                  69.             70.          65.          44.        72
Now figure out the mean median and mode and range with these scores.
I give myself a 3 out of 5.
What I could do is try to remember what mode median and range and mean is.
Also if you want to see my group presentation here is a link.


Here is my self assessment. The ones coloured in red is 'I need help' yellow is 'I am ok' and green is 'I can do it'
Here is what I think I am and what Emma thinks I am.

Makin' clay

Yesterday for art day we used clay. We used different varities of strategies to model our clay. Everyone in each class brought a shoebox or ice cream container to store their clay models. The boxes can't be see through otherwise the clay will dry up quickly. We used air dry clay so that our clay dries quickly. Then we put our displays on cardboard and looked at other classes's models. I got lots of thumbs up.
 Here is a pic of me clay models. It has:
A mouse, a cake, ice cream, a jelly, a wheel barrow,  a rainbow, a bat , a elephant head, a shoe and beads for a necklace.

  1. I most enjoyed moulding the clay and playing with it.
  2. The most challenging thing for me would be try to smoothen the clay because the clay kept drying up.
  3. I really loved looking at other peoples models.  

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Group presentation.

WALT: share an experience with an audience
Success Criteria:
Share an experience so that someone else feels as thought they are experiencing it with you.

Here is a video of my presentation of glow worms.


Monday, 24 March 2014

Published product

WALT: publish
Today we got to make the finished product. This is my finished writing about caving.

As I tipped toed through the dark hollow entrance I wanted to back away. It was the entrance way to go caving. I turned on my headlight and clenched my torch in my crying palms. As I crept past the
crayfish in the swaying water puddles, I could hear the darkness laugh at me. Not the laugh when you see something funny, the kind of evil laugh in the movies. I walked slowly squeezing through the tight spaces in the dark damp cave. Then CREEK... I heard a creek. I didn't move. I was as frozen as a tv on pause. I realised it was just the sounds of nature trying to frighten me.

Suddenly all the torches went out. I might have to follow along. All was dark. Then I saw light. The light of glowworms! I see the beauty rule me. It was like millions of stars invaided the cave. It was amazing. I could not wait to tell my mum and dad about this.

The glowworms made me feel braver. Then I heard we had to crawl under. We had to crawl quite low. As low as you can crawl! The ceiling lowerd down and it was difficult. The rocks below me were wet so my hands got soaked. I was also wearing track pants so they got wet too. Just as I thought that I could get up the ceiling hit my back. When we got out of the low ceiling my legs were jelly.

Then I saw the light overwhelm me. It was the exit. I could hear the sun congratulate me. Then we got to choose if we wanted to go through the damp hollow mess again. I wanted to give it a go.

Once again I crept in the damp cave. This time I opened my eyes wider and saw the beauty of the dark world inside. I felt braver and confident. My eyes got dragged on the crayfish in the puddles. I got so distracted by them that I fell in one of the deep puddles. I heard my foot crying as it soaked right in.

We carried on and this time we noticed stalagmites and stalactites. The stalagmites and stalactites
were small like ants. Then we saw the glowworms once again. They were as beautiful as ever. Now we noticed lots of things about caving. I wished that we could go again.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Air Rifles

At camp we got to do air rifles. On the air rifles there were 2 green dots and 1 red dot. We had to try to centre the red dot betweent the two green dots so we can aim where we want to shoot. The highest score that you can get is 72. My score was 65!
If you you want to see my targets look at the pic below

Thursday, 20 March 2014

3rd draft

Learning partners comments:
Feedback: I like how you have lots of detail.
Feedforward:I think you can work on alliteration.
From Aalaa
Feedback:the story has heaps of describing words.
Feedforward:you could add smilies
From Ella
Success Criteria

Learning partners comments:
Feedback: I like how you have lots of detail.
Feedforward:I think you can work on alliteration.
From Aalaa
Feedback:the story has heaps of describing words.
Feedforward:you could add smilies
From Ella

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

2nd draft

Learning partners comment.
Feedback: I like the paragraphs because it makes more scenes because you did different ideairs.  
Feed forward: it is too good.
From Ella 
Feed back: I like your story so much and your detail it is very good.
Feed forward: wow
From Aalaa

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

1st draft

Today we had to write about on thing about camp. Here is my first draft.
Learning partner's comment:
Feedback: I like how you have lots of detail.
Feed forward: I am not really sure because you did really good.
From Aalaa
Feedback:I like the way you used lots of detail.
Feed forward:I'm not really sure because you did Aye great job.
From Ella

Success criteria.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Raising the money

A few days ago we did a maths problem about camp. We do this in a book called 'At Camp'. What we  needed to do is to find out how much money there is for each activitie. As you can see on the pic below there is a meter. The meter shows how much money they raised. We had to work out how much they raised for each activitie.  We worked this out in our day books. I worked it out with Hannah.

As you can see me and Hannah figured out that the meter is going up in 200s. This will make it easier for us. Then we took away how much they raised before. For exsample: if they raised $1200 on the garage sale, then they got up to $200 on the car wash, how much money did they raised for the car wash? What we do is $200 - $1200= $600. We keep doing it that way on the others. 

The children's goal was to get $5000 but they only got up to $4200. So the rest of the $5000 must be paid by the 30 students. How much does each student have to pay? The answer is $26.70.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

WALT: Set Smart Goals

WALT: Set smart goals
Since camp is next week we made our camp goals. We got to write it in our camp booklets. On one page we had to write our camp goals. If you can't read this, this is what it says.
But first here is an example. On this example you can see that lines are underlined by colour. The one that it squared green is the what. The one that is squared blue is why. The one that is underlined black
is who. The one that is squared red is the how. The one that is squared orange is the what.

Here are my camp goals for camp. I hope I accomplish them.
Goal 1: I aim to always learn something new because there are a lot of things I don't know. Also we never stop learning. I can achieve my goal by listening to the teacher, instructor or parent.

I achieved it:
At camp I did achieve my goal. I achieved it by listening and trying new things. For example I listened to ants the instructor for abseiling. I listened to her closely so I could be carefull doing abseiling.
Goal 2: I aim to C3B4ME to the write people. I have this goal because I don't do that that often. I should C3B4ME in my last goal.

I achieved it:
I did not get to achieve my goal because I did not C3B4ME. Just because I didn't need to.
Learning partners comment:
Feedback: I like your goals becaues you didn't just write I aim to do abseiling you said what you wanted to do and you put detail in it.
Feed forward:I think you can work on the goal you did at camp.
From Aalaa
Feed back:the goals have heaps of detail in them.
Feed forward:you could achieve both of them instead of one.
From Ella