Friday, 30 October 2015

Free Verse Poetry

Description: In Troy's writing group we are focusing on poetic writing. The type of poetry we are focusing on is Free Verse Poetry. Free verse means that there are no limits or rules to how we write our poem.

The poem I wrote about was about seeing the Disneyland Fireworks. Here it is:

Bang! Bang! Bang!
The celebration has begun
Pow! Pow! Pow!
The colors explode to life
Lying in the grass,
Staring at the blanket of stars
Dreaming with my cousin
Music gets louder
Disney idols appear 
The heart of Animation,
In one big splat of colors
A canvas of dreams appear
Thanks Disneyland
For being like no other.

1) Reflect on the links to senses  you used: 
I think have used most of the five senses except for smell because I didn't know how to include this in my poem.

2) Reflect on the language features you used:
I think I have used repetition and short sentences. I found short sentences easy for including in my poem because one word can make a poem more powerful.

3) Reflect on what you could improve on next time:
Next time I would like to include ALL of the senses (see, hear, feel, taste and smell) and also try to use a variety of language features.

Friday, 23 October 2015


In reading we had to pick questions from the Blooms Sheet. We had to give our reading partner the questions we chose and they had to answer them. Gracie was my partner and down below are the questions she gave me. The questions are related to the book we are both reading called The Spiral Chrysalis.

Who are the main characters 
Karl, Nareen and Kelly.

Describe what happened to Karl 
Karl got transported into the chrysalis.

What instructions would you give to Karl
Don't open any doors! It could let ghosts escape!

How is Karl related to Nareen 
They are twins!

What is your opinion of Karl
 Karl  is lazy!

Create a new character for the story
Stella, Kelly's older sis.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Book Bash

Description: For literacy this term, we have been doing something called Book Bash. Book Bash is where the teachers give us 10 books to choose from. Then we pick 3 books of our choice that best appeals to our taste or intersest. I got chosen to read the Spiral Chrysalis first.
Here are my predictions on my first look at the book:

Title:  I think The Spiral Chrysalis sounds like a book about a butterfly because butterflies make chrysalis'. I wonder why it says "Spiral" in the title though. What does a chrysalis  have anything to do with a spiral?

Cover Design: Just looking at the cover intrigued me. I think the two girls might be sisters and they encounter a chrysalis in their garden. The wind is sweeping their hair across the breeze which seems like it's coming from the chrysalis. WHY THOUGH!? And there appears to be blood stains...

Blurb: Honestly, I couldn't read the blurb because the photo was blurry but I'm sure it  sounds cool. Judging by the fact my other preditions, they could give me a clue of what it says!