Monday, 7 December 2015

Happy Holidays!

Since the holidays are coming up, Olivia F and I have made a music video just to say Happy Holidays!
Song: Happy Holidays by Janet Devlin

(Did you guys go to the Christmas parade? Amazing right?)

Poetry (Cinquains and Free Verse)

Description: In Troy's writing group, we have been focused on Cinquains and Free Verse poetry. My cinquain is about the moon and my free verse is about watching the Disneyland fireworks with my cousin. Here is a slide of all of our poetry. Cinquains is a type of poerty thats ordered from syllables. In the first line you have to have 2 syllables, then 4, then 6, 8 and back to 2. For freeverse, there are no rules. You can write it however you desire. My slide is the 4th one :P

Big Idea:

    (\ _ /)                                                      
   ( ' x ' )    
Feed|back/ Feedforward: Wow Aye that is some amzing poetry. My favourite is the free verse just the starting is wow! Next time I think you could work on the background or chose a diffverent colour for the words so that they stand out. but appart frome that I think you did an amazing job.

Evaluation: Thanks Sophie for the feedback and Feedforward! I think that I have done a great job in using words to describe my topic. I believe I have officially gotten an understanding of Cinquains and Freeverse. Maybe next time I could add more language features and stay to the rules of Cinquains.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blooms Questions

Here are my questions for week 7

What is Kelly doing:
Kelly is to busy shopping while she has the chance because she doesn't have much money at home.
Where is Carl Carl is with the Washerwoman
What instructions could you give to Carl Listen to the woman. 
Lolly pops have nothing to do with this. -_-

Monday, 30 November 2015


Description: In Troy's writing class we have been doing Cinquains. Cinquains are types of poems but are ordered in syllables. The first row should have 2 syllables, the second is 4 then 6, 8 and back to 2. Our topic was our passion. Here are a few Cinquians that I have done:

A touch of a pencil:
Planning, guidelines, drawing
Not any other art technique

A bright flare:
A golden globe
Blazing right above us
A fiery ball in the blue
The sun

Celestial Night
Lumionus Light
Glistening above me
Silent With whispering Shadows
The Moon

 Wow! That is amazing! Very good aye! You are very talented student. Nice poems they are amazing. I know you would of chosen this because you are doing it everyday. Nice work. =)

Thursday, 26 November 2015


Every Thursday we go to different inquiries. We had to pick which inquiry group we wanted to be in and I chose Troy's Graduation inquiry. The reason why I wanted to be a Graduation was because its my last year and I want to make graduation something to remember. In graduation, we had to pick from different committees of what we wanted to work on. I chose the decorations and hats group because I wanted to be in the decorations group last year but I didn't get to. I also chose hats because I like hats I guess.

For graduation we try make as much as possible for the year 6's to leave something behind for us to remember them by. For example: in the decorations group, we are painting Jenga Blocks white so the year 6's can sign them for us to remember them by.

I think we thought outside the box because we thought of very creative ideas for graduation. Some are inspiration from Pinterest and others were completely original.

SEMI FINISHED 2015 banner thing.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Book Bash Blooms Questions 3

I have been reading the Spiral Chrysalis. My reading partner is Gracie and here are the 3 questions she has gaven me for the week.

List 3 characters from Where To Next
Kelly, Nareen and Stephen

Who were the main characters?
Carl, Kelly and Nareen

Describe the Porter

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Poems of life

On Pages, I stumbled upon four poems of life I wrote during the beginning of the year. I found them great to post since my goal in writing is poetry. So here are Aye's Four Poems of Life! (Friendship, nature, transport and love.)

Aye's poems of life

Friendship, oh friendship
Thank you for making us be
Without you we would be nothing!
We would just be an un growing seed
You're the cherry on my sundae,
the finishing piece
Without you, my heart would sink
You make the whole world smile
all in one pile
Without you, the world never see the bright side
 That's why you're always in mind 

An alleyway to kindness
Creating life in our hearts.
Helping us live, 
Helping us grow
You've been with us right from the start
We understand your disappointment,
Of people misusing you 
But we promise 
We will repay you back.
All the greenness and colors 
The astonishing sights
You're the one who has made us lovers
So please don't go
With all the wild life and views
Because we would be goners,
without you                                                                                                                                                                              

No matter what nationality you are,
White, Black
Short, Tall
Male, Female
You are always traveling.
Train, bus, taxi your own car
It doesn't matter
Modern transport is very important
To meet friends and family
Whenever you are in a rush
Modern transport can take you there in a hurry
In the end of the days 
We can count on you
To take us there
Wherever, Whenever


Oh love, 
You make our hearts tingle
One of the most important essence in life
That we love to mingle
Your the one that sets fire into our hearts
Right from the start
You complete us 
You cause affection
Without you,
We would never be perfection
Love is what makes us special
We would have no room in our hearts to
Be happy
Love life
Meet someone special
Or have friends and family
Thank you Love
For completing our life story

Monday, 16 November 2015

Awesome Video Stars

This blog post is not about my learning but about the cool video stars me and my friends made! I thought they were really cool so I wanted to post them on my blog!

Space Unicorn Holiday featuring: Amy, Bella I, Olivia F, Gaby, Hannah P, Taylor W, Ana and I. Camerman: Olivia F

Last Train To Awesome Town featuring: Ana, Sophie W, Taylor W, Amy, Bella I, Georigia, Kate, Ashlee, I and a bunch of other people I forgot. (Sorry if uncredited!) Cameraman: Olivia F

Friday, 6 November 2015

Agency 2015 Goals

Description: In class, we had to fill out a Self Managing, Directed and Agentic matrix to determine what goal we want to practise for the year. On the matrix, were 3 columns for Self Managing, Self directed etc. In each column were different goals which were appropriate for for the title. We had to highlight the goals pink or yellow. The ones that are pink are the ones we need to work on and the ones in yellow are the ones that we nailed. Here is what I found out after I filled out the sheet.

I think I am a Self Managing / Self Directed / Self Agentic learner because: 
I am inspirational, I collaborate well, I seek my challenges and I take on a variety of roles. 
The goal that I am currently working on is:
To make conscious decisions on how to use my learning.

The things I need to do to achieve this goal are:
Consciously train myself to make decisions easily and to always note down everything on my timetable.

Spiral Chrysalis Question Recreation

In reading, our reading partner designed questions for us to design from the Spiral Chrysalis.
Here are the questions Gracie designed for me:

In your own words describe Nareen: I would decribe Nareen as confident, independent and strong.

What is your opinion of Carl: He is ignorant but smart.

In your own words summarise the story: So far in the book, Nareen, Kelly and Carl unleashed the spiral chrysalis and Carl got transported to a room full of doors. He opens the doors and gets turned into a ghost?

Friday, 30 October 2015

Free Verse Poetry

Description: In Troy's writing group we are focusing on poetic writing. The type of poetry we are focusing on is Free Verse Poetry. Free verse means that there are no limits or rules to how we write our poem.

The poem I wrote about was about seeing the Disneyland Fireworks. Here it is:

Bang! Bang! Bang!
The celebration has begun
Pow! Pow! Pow!
The colors explode to life
Lying in the grass,
Staring at the blanket of stars
Dreaming with my cousin
Music gets louder
Disney idols appear 
The heart of Animation,
In one big splat of colors
A canvas of dreams appear
Thanks Disneyland
For being like no other.

1) Reflect on the links to senses  you used: 
I think have used most of the five senses except for smell because I didn't know how to include this in my poem.

2) Reflect on the language features you used:
I think I have used repetition and short sentences. I found short sentences easy for including in my poem because one word can make a poem more powerful.

3) Reflect on what you could improve on next time:
Next time I would like to include ALL of the senses (see, hear, feel, taste and smell) and also try to use a variety of language features.

Friday, 23 October 2015


In reading we had to pick questions from the Blooms Sheet. We had to give our reading partner the questions we chose and they had to answer them. Gracie was my partner and down below are the questions she gave me. The questions are related to the book we are both reading called The Spiral Chrysalis.

Who are the main characters 
Karl, Nareen and Kelly.

Describe what happened to Karl 
Karl got transported into the chrysalis.

What instructions would you give to Karl
Don't open any doors! It could let ghosts escape!

How is Karl related to Nareen 
They are twins!

What is your opinion of Karl
 Karl  is lazy!

Create a new character for the story
Stella, Kelly's older sis.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Book Bash

Description: For literacy this term, we have been doing something called Book Bash. Book Bash is where the teachers give us 10 books to choose from. Then we pick 3 books of our choice that best appeals to our taste or intersest. I got chosen to read the Spiral Chrysalis first.
Here are my predictions on my first look at the book:

Title:  I think The Spiral Chrysalis sounds like a book about a butterfly because butterflies make chrysalis'. I wonder why it says "Spiral" in the title though. What does a chrysalis  have anything to do with a spiral?

Cover Design: Just looking at the cover intrigued me. I think the two girls might be sisters and they encounter a chrysalis in their garden. The wind is sweeping their hair across the breeze which seems like it's coming from the chrysalis. WHY THOUGH!? And there appears to be blood stains...

Blurb: Honestly, I couldn't read the blurb because the photo was blurry but I'm sure it  sounds cool. Judging by the fact my other preditions, they could give me a clue of what it says!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

News Report Tic Tac Toe

Description: For my summarizing Tic Tac Toe, I chose to do "News Report". You probably know what a news report is but basically it's when news reporters make a summary of a report. I had to make a News Report about an article by summarizing.


Big Idea:  
The article I had to summarize was an article about NZ getting a new dollar note design. 
Here is my report. The link to the article will be listed below.

September 2nd 2015, Kiwi Kids News have revealed an exciting report. The $5 and $10 notes will be revealing a new NZ design in mid October. The new design will feature brighter colours but don't worry, the famous faces and the floral design will be left unchanged. The $20, $50 and the $100 note will likely be changed in April 2016.

Link to article: (coming soon due to internet problems)

Monday, 7 September 2015

Pae Tamariki Reflection Term 3 2015

Description: This term Kapa Haka went to perform at Pae Tamariki. Pae Tamariki is an annual maori event shared with primary and intermediate schools. It's a celebration of maori tradition but showing it in maori haka and dance. Pae tamariki was celebrated on the 31st July 2015.


Big Idea: At Pae Tamariki, I felt... Scared to comfront everyone in the audience.

I felt most proud of… smiling proudly no matter how nervous I was.

I found folowing the actions challenging because… everyone was sometimes swaying their arms different ways so that confused.

I managed this challenge by…. remembering the correct movements and sticking to my instincts.

At Kapa Haka, I next want to.. Practising memorising the correct actions instead of embarssing myself by accidentally doing the wrongs movement.

I think you have done a great job and tryed your best, for your next goal at your
next peformance you could try and do the moves correctly and be more confident. Grace.S (/o-o)/ **

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description:  In maths we have been learning about multiplication and division. We have been practising the folowing strategies with Troy to help us: S (Spliting), R/C (Rounding Compensating), PLAT (Proportional Adjustment), KF (Known Facts) and PVP (Place Value Partitioning).


Big Idea: My goal in maths is PLAT. (Proportional Adjustment) PLAT is basically working out multiplication facts using doubling and halving AND tripling and thirding. For example: 12 x 5. If  we were using doubling and halving we would halve 12 and double 5. That would be 6 x 10. That makes it easier and we get the answer 60. For the first question we had to use 2 strategies. One of the strategies I used was PLAT. The other strategie was KNOWN FACTS. Known facts is basically working your way up to the answer using facts that you know. For example 32 + 32. 30+ 30 = 60. 2 + 2 = 4. 60 + 2 = 62. Next is R/C (Rounding and Compensating) For example: 5x19. First we round 19 to 20. 5x 20 = 100. 100 -5 =95

Evaluation: I think I have done well in using my strategy effectively. I believe I have proven my understanding in using PLAT. I think I might need to work on using R/C because I rarely use this strategy  in my learning but instead use algorithm or PVP or even PLAT. 

Feedback/ FeedForward: You have done a good job at explaining your strategy. I like the way that you have presented your learning I learnt lots from it.
Next time you could try to add more stratigies to your brain and remember how they are all used!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Passion Project T3

WALT: use the PASSION inquiry process to investigate my passion independently/in small groups

MY PASSION PROJECT INQUIRY IS… To architect a design of a modern home.

Big Idea:
In class, I have been investigating modern architecture for Passion Project. I choose modern architecture because it's really interesting of how different our style of houses change. If you don't know what modern architecture is, it is basically a modern or complex design of a building or a house.

Here is a bit of the info I've gathered so far:


Evaluation:  I think I have done well in gathering info of my pasion. I think what I need to do next is to start designing my dream home. I'm pretty sure I will start  designing the floor plan with math paper so I can get the lines right. I also need to design the actual architechtual design right after. I have lots of images for inspiration.

Feedback/Feedforward: You have given every bit of detail of what you should have to design a house. You have thought about what happens if the weather is rough. The shape of the roof. Next time you could maybe think about the inside of the house. -Georgia Tindle :-)

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Writing Portfolio Sample

Description:  In writing, my goal is to use planning templates. I chose this goal because I rarely get much ideas about what to what to write about and I NEVER use a planning template. I tried to get better at this goal by think of the most juicy words and write them down so I could add them in my writing. In my writing group we used the image below to help us get motivation of what to write about.


Planning Template:

Big Idea: 

We had to brainstorm precise nouns and descriptive adjectives about the image above to inspire us.
We also had to brainstorm 'prompts' about wha our character could see, hear or feel. For our planning, we used a mountain template to help us plan our story. We had to add lots of hints in our story so we can give the reader a clue about whats going on.

Here is my writing:

Feedback/ Feedforward: I like the adjectives that you used Aye. Next time you need to make sure it makes sense because at points I didn't know what you were talking about. Ana

Evaluation: I think I did very well in adding hints and descriptive words. I think I might need to work on sticking to the main points of my plan instead of just  changing my first intentions into totally different intentions.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Wearable Arts

Description: In class we had to choose what topic we wanted to be in for Wearable Arts in production. The choices were: Out of Africa, Elements or Heros and Villans. Since I wasn't there, I was placed in Out of Africa. A Wearable Art is not a costume but a Garment. A Garment is ART!!!! We also had to think of a color scheme. So we created a mood board to inspire us for making new ideas or  creating different color schemes.

Here is my mood board and my planning.

1) The materials that I used to create my garment were:
  • Fabric
  • Felt
  • Papier Mache
  • Paint
  • Bottle Caps (green/blue)
  • Elastic
  • Fluff
  • Wire
  • Beads
  • Wooden Elephant
  • NewsPaper
  • Duct Tape
  • Tinfoil
  • Feathers
  • Pen
  • White Fabric Stuff
  • Fedora
  • Ribbon
  • Etc (I forgot)
2) The most challenging thing about production for me was:
Making my hat because the tinfoil wouldn't stick to my base which really mad me frustrated.

3) One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was:
Thinking that if I keep trying I will get it done with excellence.

4) Something I am really proud of about production was:

Completing my skirt because now it looks FAB!

5) Our school vision is to create agency, creativity and excellence. I showed this by:
Thinking of the most creative way of colouring my wings and giving my tail lots of coats.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample: Story Wheel

Description: In class, my goal has been summarising. I chose summarising because I think I need to work on summarising a story I have read without spoiling the ending. This is my goal because I want to work my way towards making a very good story. Summarising means to create a retell a story but only the KEY points. This includes: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW. Since I've been practising summarising, I have to do summarising activities/ Tic-Tac-Toes. The activity that I'm doing at the moment is making a story wheel.

Big Idea: Our task was to draw a summary from an article we just read. I read an article about what stuff was banned from different countries.
Here are a few statements that were made in the article.
Ketchup was BANNED from France,
Plastic Bags were BANNED from France, Bangledesh, Tanzania and Mexico City.

Feedback/ Feedfoward: Comming Soon

Evaluation: I think I have done well in summarising this article. I have summarised most of the KEY points. I think I need to work on summarising WHEN and HOW because I found it difficult to locate HOW or especially the WHEN. 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Digestive System

Description: In class we had to choose from 3 science choices. The food chain with Troy, The digestive system with Suzanne and animal adaptions with Ebony. I chose to learn the digestive system with Suzanne. For the digestive system, we learnt lot's of interesting facts that we have never have known before. To gather all of this amazing info we made movies on what we have learnt about the digestive system.

Success Criteria
Our movie has:
*lots of interesting details about digestion that our audience won’t know
*clear explanations about each stage of the digestion process (talking clearly and loudly, using specific science vocabulary)
*clear images 
*humour/interesting detail to keep the audience engaged

Here is our video I made with Katelyn, Ashlee, Hannah and Gaby:

Big Idea: Here is a brief summary of what how the digestive system works. Digestion is all about breaking food down into tiny bits so it is small enough to travel all the nutrition around in your blood to feed your body and give it energy. All the leftovers (non nutrition) are placed together into this thing we call "poo". Watch the video above to see what happens inside our bodies and how the food travels around our body.

Feedback/Feed forward: I like how you added in some humor in the video. My favourite bit is the very end bit when your voice is very clear to here.You could work on making the video have a bit more information about the rectum and how it works. @^__^@ Ashlee

Evaluation: I think we showed a lot of creativity and excellence in our movie. We have added a lot of detail and info into our movie that the audience might of not known. Honestly, I think these facts will  come in handy in the future. I think we need to speak more entertainingly so that our viewers won't get bored. Other  than that, I think we have done a really good job.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Kapahaka Reflection

Every Monday at 2:00, the Kapa Haka kids practise in the hall. Rosie has formed a new Kapa Haka competitive group for competing in competitions. This group is called "Tematangi" Tematangi practises twice as much as the original Kapa Haka, Te Roopu.
  1. Kapa haka is the term for Māori performing arts and literally means to form a line (kapa) and dance (haka). Kapa haka is an avenue for Maori people to express and showcase their heritage and cultural Polynesian identity through song and dance.

    Big Idea : 
    At kapahaka I enjoy learning about the songs and how the songs relate to our culture. I also love to learn the moves of traditional dances.

    I am most proud of being able to join the Kapahaka for the past few years and being able to perform in front of an audience.

    I find pronouncing the Māori words challenging because Te Reo Māori is much more different than the english language. If you pronounce a word wrong, the word will have a completely different meaning.    

    I am managing this challenge by listening to what everyone else sings, then I copy what they say. If the person that I am copying is incorrect, the leaders would correct us.

    A personal goal for me is to be able to prove that I know all the meanings to the songs and the pronunciation correct by the end of the year.
    Our school wide focus this term has been around showing excellence. I show this at kapahaka by striving to the best of my ability and trying my best to get the movements correct.

    Feedback/Feedforward: Amazing Aye you have done very well with pronouncing the words because 
    I have not noticed you having any trouble lately. The thing I think that you need to work on is speaking LOUDLY so that the crowd can hear you.#Olivia AKA  🍍's BFF

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description: In class we have been tested on a series of math questions. Each Stage Group in maths had different questions. For example: Stage 5 had to use one number, while stage 6 had to use two. For stage 6 maths, we were tested on questions like: "Write two numbers that have a sum of exactly 30." These questions were laid out as Rebel Sport prices.


Big Idea: The strategies that I'm learning at the moment is: R/C, E/A and P/V. If you don't know what these strategies do or what they mean, here is my explanation. R/C stands for "Rounding And Compensating" We basically round a number from our equation, then add how many numbers we rounded in the first place. If that makes no sense, here is an example: 63-39=?    63 - 40 +1 =24.
E/A stands for Equal Additions. This is the same as R/C but except from add after the equation, we add before the equation. For example: 63-39=?      64-40=24. And P/V stands for Place Value. 

You are probably wondering what answers I got. Well, here are my answers as well as what strategies I used.

1) (P/V) 
345 + 379 = 724
300 + 300 = 600
40 + 70 = 110
5+9 = 14

2) (Trial & Error + Equal Addition)
(It took ALOT of trial and error, so here are only a few of the equations that I worked with.)
                    155-119 = 156 - 120
+1   +1 
                      215 - 119 = 216- 120
+1  +1
                  215 - 115 = 220 - 160
+5   +5

3) (Trial & Error +Algorithms, with help from Bella)






4) (Algorithms)

WOW Aye, you are defiantly showing a lot of stratagies and  what you have been very good at. You could work on showing 
the Reversibility strategy. I really think you have shown us what you know and what to work on. You have done a lot of work on this as I have seen you in class. Amy

Evaluation: Thanks Amy. I really think I have learned a lot of strategies that I have never have known before. I think I might need to use more strategies that may be a good match for the equation. Other than that, I think I have gotten a better understanding of different strategies. I hopefully can use these strategies in High School or College or my job!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Writing Portfolio Sample

Description: My writing goal is to use a range of different sentences. One of them is complex sentences. I am gonna try get better at this goal by using a range of different sentences and try combining them together. In Troy's writing class, we watched a movie about a mouse trying to get adopted. We had to retell the story in our own way and try to add complex sentences in the story.  Here is the movie we watched. It is called "Mouse For Sale":

Big Idea:  Here is my story. The complex sentences are highlighted red. If you don't know what a complex sentence is, here is a brief explanation. A complex sentence is a sentence where it has two clauses. One of the clauses is an independent clause (which means it can stand alone) and the other is a dependent clause. For example: Because my coffee was too cold, I had to heat it in the microwave. The underlined part is the independent clause. The dependent clause can't stand alone so it is added to a independent clause.

Here is my writing. Hope you enjoy!:

Great Job Aye, I really like your writing! I love all the complex sentences that you have used. They make your writing much more interesting! Next time I think that you could make smaller paragraphs because they are sometimes a little big! Great Job! Hannah K 

I honestly think that I have developed an understanding of complex sentences. Before, I had never heard of a phrase like "complex sentences". I think I might need to work on using different types of sentences like: " Compound, simple, compound- complex etc" I'll work towards this goal by thinking more about how they work and which way will imporve my sentence. - Aye

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Reading Portfolio. Sample

For today's Tic Tac Toes I have done "What's a Prefix?" Tic Tac Toes are reading activities that we can choose from to improve our literacy. Tic Tac Toes are cut into to groups. "Expanding Vocab" and "comprehension". I'm in Expand Vocab.  Since in class we had to do a portfolio sample I decided to do a sample on this Tic Tac Toe. If you're wondering "what is a prefix?" let me explain. A prefix is is "affix" which comes in the beginning of a word. For example: if the prefix was "un" and you added it onto the beginning of "happy", you will get "unhappy". The "un" changes the meaning of happy to the meaning of "un" which has the same meaning as "not".

Here are my words that has the letters "TRI" in them."Tri" means "three." On a bicyle you add the letters "tri" and it makes "tricycle" A trycycle means it's a bike but with "three" wheels.

Triathlon (3 stages in a "triathlon")

Trigger  (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")
(Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Airstrip (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Strike (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Tribes (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Stride (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Trip (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Trial (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Triangulate (3 corners in "triangle")
(Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Trickster (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Triangular (3 corners in "triangle")
(Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Tripod (3 legs on a tripod)

Trifler  (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Sucsess Criteria: (Expand Vocab)
Read on
List of words
Base or root word
Cause and effect
Comparisons and contrasts

Big Idea: We had to make a list of words with the letters "TRI" We had to find as many words as possible.

WOW Aye!
Those are awesome words that start with tri. I think I could use some of those words in my writing. Just a question what would you do if you could not find a device or a dictionary book how will you be able to find some new tri words? But you have done a very VERY good job.
Sophie W

Thanks Sophie for the feedback and feedfoward. Just to answer you question: I think I would look around  me and see if any objects or related objects might help me get more ideas. I think I might need to work on trying to get more juicy words and hopefully use these words in my writing. I will work my way up to this goal by looking in the  thesaurus and maybe think about more complicated words that have the same meaning as the basic one. I also think I am doing well using the sucsess criteria because I use most of these strategies to find out about new words. Hopefully I will still remember these strategies when I get older! :D

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mouse For Sale

WALT: Use complex sentences

In Troy's writing class we watched a video called 'Mouse for Sale' Since there was no talking in the video we had to re write the story but  using complex sentences. Here is my story:

Mouse For Sale

Hello humans, I am Arnold. I am a 3 year old cat from San Francisco America. I was born in a garbage bin in an alleyway across the road from 'Disney's Animal Adoption Centre'. Of course I never  knew what an 'Animal Adoption Centre' meant until my parents died. My mother and father died from eating junk since eating scraps caused them to get sick. When they died I had no idea of what to do in life. I was so hungry without milk. 

Then the humans came. They saw me, a small gingery kitten starving in the alleyway. They picked me up and told me that I'm getting a new family and home where I can get all the food I need. They carried me to 'Disney's Animal Adoption Centre' and placed me in a cage and left me there. I got to eat some cat food which tasted like heaven. I always hope that someone would adopt me. The problem was that I only had 3 legs. The surgeons treated me since I had this disease. No one really had any empathy for a little kitten like me. As I grew older I started to realise that I just needed to deal with it. Beside me was a glass case with a mouse inside. The mouse was blue with adorable eyes.

That very mouse was feeling the same struggle as me. Except instead of 3 legs the mouse had HUGE ears. Believe me, the ears were almost as big as the mouse's body! Everyday I would watch the mouse trying to get adopted. He had no chance with ears that huge. But one day the mouse really inspired me. Two boys came along and stared at the mouse. The mouse took his chances and showed them his favourite trick. He twitched his large ears which made me always crack. But when the boys saw his 'ear twitching' they did laugh but not how you would expect it. They actually made fun of him and ended up up laughing out the door. The mouse felt so sad and ashamed that no one had empathy for him either. Not even a tiny termite which shared the same case as the mouse. Whenever the mouse failed in encouraging the humans of adopting him, he would laugh extremely hard. Then another boy came along but he was wearing these enormous headphones. He was listening to some smooth music with a large on/off button in the middle the hearing piece. He was checking out the lizard enclosure fascinated by their movement. This was the part where I got inspired. Instead of letting him ignore him he had the ability to act. He used his little fake wooden see saw and place a cashew on it. Then he had a run up and jumped on the other end of the see saw. But instead of the cashew flying over to the boy the nut actually banged on the glass case and reflected back right at the mouse. Since the cashew banged so hard it reflected from the mouse to the wheel running thing. Since I wasn't a mouse I had no idea what it was called. The mouse felt dizzy and fell unconscious. When he woke up I could imagine him seeing a blur of the termite cracking up so hard that he was on his back. The boy was still there about to leave the lizard enclosure. The mouse felt so angry and embarrassed that he ran up to the  termite. If I was the termite I would of thought he would squish me. But instead he placed him on the see saw and jumped on the other end of the saw. The termite flung smoothly across and over the glass case and right in the middle of the boy's on/off button on his headphones. Bull's Eye! The mouse made these squeaky noises causing the boy to hear him. The boy edged closer to the mouse and stared. At first I thought the mouse was going to get laughed at again but instead the boy slowly plus gently took off his headphones. Slowly.  Then the headphones came off and my mouth opened. I could just see from my gaze that the boy also had over sized ears! The ears were just as huge as his head. He placed his hand gently into the glass case offering the mouse to jump on. At first the mouse flinched back and suddenly acted all shy, but then he placed one foot in front of the other on the boy's hand. From there on they became the best of friends. How should I know? Well I was actually there when the mouse went to his new home. After the boy picked up the mouse he paused and looked at me. Meow. I tried to act normal and cute. I actually hoped that he would adopt me but in my head I was thinking 'Who am I kidding. He would never adopt me. I pretty sure he is wise enough to know that cats and mice are not the best of friends.' He picked me up and the mouse flinched and became extremely scared.  I gave him a gesturing look to reassure him. When the boy noticed that mice wasn't my delicacy he adopted me as well as the mouse. This very boy had complete empathy for everyone. I wanted to be just like him. (apart from the huge ears). When we arrived in our new home, the mouse and I become close friends. The boy's name was Oxpadter. It took me a while to memorise the name. 

He eventually named me Arnold and the mouse Mickey. He gave me all the food I could ever need until I became a bit fat. (Not really fat but well, lets say chubby) Oxpadter introduced us to all his friends and family. Eventually he introduced us to these two boys who were his friends but not really close. One of them had a broken arm and the other had a broken ankle. I came to realise that these two boys were the nasty boys that made fun of Mickey. I felt so angry at them that I kinda went crazy and scratched both of them. It did feel good though. Mickey thanked me and we had the best lives together. And we lived happily ever after! (But we did not get married. That's just crazy!) THE END

Original Story.   

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Digging Deep

Task: Create a poster using complex sentences.

In writing we were shown a poster called 'Digging Deep'.
We had to make our own 'Digging Deep' poster with our own sentences.
The first hole is a little hole of a simple sentence. The second hole was dug deeper adding more detail. The third is adding even MORE detail.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Catch Me If You Can- Defense

Every week we learn about skills and movement that will help us play sports. This term’s focus has  been around defense. We made a video showing some of the goals we have been practicing. I have highlighted the thing I think I have done well YELLOW and one thing I would like to work on PINK.

(sorry for the image, I couldn't write it because it would show up on my blog)

Sorry if the ending of the video was silly. :P

Evaluation: I think I've done a good job keeping my eyes on the ball and intercepting. I think I might need to work on contact and being more ready to intercept the ball. Maybe I might need to also jump and get the ball instead  of stepping in.
I think that you did a good job at defended. but you could work on keeping in time.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Discovery Time

Today at Discovery Time I made some Still Life Art. At first I had a pure picture in my mind of what to draw but when I actually started, I wasn't so sure. So what I did was I looked around and saw Gaby's Pencil Case. I asked if I could borrow it and she said yes. I took a glue stick out and decided to draw it (including the pencil case in the backdrop). I think I inspired creativity by inspiring Gaby to also draw random objects instead of specific ones. I also think I inspired Excellence by adding more and more detail instead of being happy with what I've got.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Complex Sentences

WALT: To use complex sentences.
Description: In writing we are learning to use complex sentences. A complex sentence is a sentence where an independent clause is connect to a dependent clause.

For example: Sea turtles can spend 99 percent of their time under water, how interesting.
The text in Red is an independent clause so it can stand alone while the text in Pink is a dependent clause where it can't stand alone.

We had to write a story about Sea Turtles to show our understanding of complex sentences.
First we had to gather normal facts about Sea turtles, then we changed them into complex sentences.

Here is my writing. I hope you like it!

Sea turtles are very interesting animals. A sea turtle's life style is different from other turtles, how amazing. Some of them can even travel across the whole ocean in a migration! The average sea turtle would travel around 1000km just lay their eggs, isn't that a big waste of energy? Sea turtles spend 99% of their time in the water. Leather-backs weigh up to 1000 pounds, they must eat a lot! Speaking of food, adult sea turtles would eat moss and sometimes jellyfish while baby sea turtles  would eat crabs. I hope these facts would give you a more understanding of sea turtles, right?