Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Writing Portfolio Sample

Description:  In writing, my goal is to use planning templates. I chose this goal because I rarely get much ideas about what to what to write about and I NEVER use a planning template. I tried to get better at this goal by think of the most juicy words and write them down so I could add them in my writing. In my writing group we used the image below to help us get motivation of what to write about.


Planning Template:

Big Idea: 

We had to brainstorm precise nouns and descriptive adjectives about the image above to inspire us.
We also had to brainstorm 'prompts' about wha our character could see, hear or feel. For our planning, we used a mountain template to help us plan our story. We had to add lots of hints in our story so we can give the reader a clue about whats going on.

Here is my writing:

Feedback/ Feedforward: I like the adjectives that you used Aye. Next time you need to make sure it makes sense because at points I didn't know what you were talking about. Ana

Evaluation: I think I did very well in adding hints and descriptive words. I think I might need to work on sticking to the main points of my plan instead of just  changing my first intentions into totally different intentions.


  1. Wow Aye,
    Amazing post!!!
    I think that you have really achieved your goal.
    You clues have really drawn the reader in and I like the way that you have planed it.

    I really look up at you as a great example.

    From Bella

  2. Aye, your first sentence full of description and intrigue had me hooked! It is great to see you working towards your goal of using a variety of planning templates. You certainly spent a great deal of time understanding these new templates for planning and investigating how to leave clues in your writing which makes it so interesting for your reader. Often when we start writing we create new ideas which is great - but try to take the time to stop and re-plan. While we feel the urge to get it all down on paper when we have ideas, re-planning will help you to focus your ideas and stick to the main points making it easy to follow and interesting for the reader.