Friday, 6 November 2015

Agency 2015 Goals

Description: In class, we had to fill out a Self Managing, Directed and Agentic matrix to determine what goal we want to practise for the year. On the matrix, were 3 columns for Self Managing, Self directed etc. In each column were different goals which were appropriate for for the title. We had to highlight the goals pink or yellow. The ones that are pink are the ones we need to work on and the ones in yellow are the ones that we nailed. Here is what I found out after I filled out the sheet.

I think I am a Self Managing / Self Directed / Self Agentic learner because: 
I am inspirational, I collaborate well, I seek my challenges and I take on a variety of roles. 
The goal that I am currently working on is:
To make conscious decisions on how to use my learning.

The things I need to do to achieve this goal are:
Consciously train myself to make decisions easily and to always note down everything on my timetable.

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