Monday, 30 November 2015


Description: In Troy's writing class we have been doing Cinquains. Cinquains are types of poems but are ordered in syllables. The first row should have 2 syllables, the second is 4 then 6, 8 and back to 2. Our topic was our passion. Here are a few Cinquians that I have done:

A touch of a pencil:
Planning, guidelines, drawing
Not any other art technique

A bright flare:
A golden globe
Blazing right above us
A fiery ball in the blue
The sun

Celestial Night
Lumionus Light
Glistening above me
Silent With whispering Shadows
The Moon

 Wow! That is amazing! Very good aye! You are very talented student. Nice poems they are amazing. I know you would of chosen this because you are doing it everyday. Nice work. =)

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