Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Poems of life

On Pages, I stumbled upon four poems of life I wrote during the beginning of the year. I found them great to post since my goal in writing is poetry. So here are Aye's Four Poems of Life! (Friendship, nature, transport and love.)

Aye's poems of life

Friendship, oh friendship
Thank you for making us be
Without you we would be nothing!
We would just be an un growing seed
You're the cherry on my sundae,
the finishing piece
Without you, my heart would sink
You make the whole world smile
all in one pile
Without you, the world never see the bright side
 That's why you're always in mind 

An alleyway to kindness
Creating life in our hearts.
Helping us live, 
Helping us grow
You've been with us right from the start
We understand your disappointment,
Of people misusing you 
But we promise 
We will repay you back.
All the greenness and colors 
The astonishing sights
You're the one who has made us lovers
So please don't go
With all the wild life and views
Because we would be goners,
without you                                                                                                                                                                              

No matter what nationality you are,
White, Black
Short, Tall
Male, Female
You are always traveling.
Train, bus, taxi your own car
It doesn't matter
Modern transport is very important
To meet friends and family
Whenever you are in a rush
Modern transport can take you there in a hurry
In the end of the days 
We can count on you
To take us there
Wherever, Whenever


Oh love, 
You make our hearts tingle
One of the most important essence in life
That we love to mingle
Your the one that sets fire into our hearts
Right from the start
You complete us 
You cause affection
Without you,
We would never be perfection
Love is what makes us special
We would have no room in our hearts to
Be happy
Love life
Meet someone special
Or have friends and family
Thank you Love
For completing our life story

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