Thursday, 26 November 2015


Every Thursday we go to different inquiries. We had to pick which inquiry group we wanted to be in and I chose Troy's Graduation inquiry. The reason why I wanted to be a Graduation was because its my last year and I want to make graduation something to remember. In graduation, we had to pick from different committees of what we wanted to work on. I chose the decorations and hats group because I wanted to be in the decorations group last year but I didn't get to. I also chose hats because I like hats I guess.

For graduation we try make as much as possible for the year 6's to leave something behind for us to remember them by. For example: in the decorations group, we are painting Jenga Blocks white so the year 6's can sign them for us to remember them by.

I think we thought outside the box because we thought of very creative ideas for graduation. Some are inspiration from Pinterest and others were completely original.

SEMI FINISHED 2015 banner thing.

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