Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mouse For Sale

WALT: Use complex sentences

In Troy's writing class we watched a video called 'Mouse for Sale' Since there was no talking in the video we had to re write the story but  using complex sentences. Here is my story:

Mouse For Sale

Hello humans, I am Arnold. I am a 3 year old cat from San Francisco America. I was born in a garbage bin in an alleyway across the road from 'Disney's Animal Adoption Centre'. Of course I never  knew what an 'Animal Adoption Centre' meant until my parents died. My mother and father died from eating junk since eating scraps caused them to get sick. When they died I had no idea of what to do in life. I was so hungry without milk. 

Then the humans came. They saw me, a small gingery kitten starving in the alleyway. They picked me up and told me that I'm getting a new family and home where I can get all the food I need. They carried me to 'Disney's Animal Adoption Centre' and placed me in a cage and left me there. I got to eat some cat food which tasted like heaven. I always hope that someone would adopt me. The problem was that I only had 3 legs. The surgeons treated me since I had this disease. No one really had any empathy for a little kitten like me. As I grew older I started to realise that I just needed to deal with it. Beside me was a glass case with a mouse inside. The mouse was blue with adorable eyes.

That very mouse was feeling the same struggle as me. Except instead of 3 legs the mouse had HUGE ears. Believe me, the ears were almost as big as the mouse's body! Everyday I would watch the mouse trying to get adopted. He had no chance with ears that huge. But one day the mouse really inspired me. Two boys came along and stared at the mouse. The mouse took his chances and showed them his favourite trick. He twitched his large ears which made me always crack. But when the boys saw his 'ear twitching' they did laugh but not how you would expect it. They actually made fun of him and ended up up laughing out the door. The mouse felt so sad and ashamed that no one had empathy for him either. Not even a tiny termite which shared the same case as the mouse. Whenever the mouse failed in encouraging the humans of adopting him, he would laugh extremely hard. Then another boy came along but he was wearing these enormous headphones. He was listening to some smooth music with a large on/off button in the middle the hearing piece. He was checking out the lizard enclosure fascinated by their movement. This was the part where I got inspired. Instead of letting him ignore him he had the ability to act. He used his little fake wooden see saw and place a cashew on it. Then he had a run up and jumped on the other end of the see saw. But instead of the cashew flying over to the boy the nut actually banged on the glass case and reflected back right at the mouse. Since the cashew banged so hard it reflected from the mouse to the wheel running thing. Since I wasn't a mouse I had no idea what it was called. The mouse felt dizzy and fell unconscious. When he woke up I could imagine him seeing a blur of the termite cracking up so hard that he was on his back. The boy was still there about to leave the lizard enclosure. The mouse felt so angry and embarrassed that he ran up to the  termite. If I was the termite I would of thought he would squish me. But instead he placed him on the see saw and jumped on the other end of the saw. The termite flung smoothly across and over the glass case and right in the middle of the boy's on/off button on his headphones. Bull's Eye! The mouse made these squeaky noises causing the boy to hear him. The boy edged closer to the mouse and stared. At first I thought the mouse was going to get laughed at again but instead the boy slowly plus gently took off his headphones. Slowly.  Then the headphones came off and my mouth opened. I could just see from my gaze that the boy also had over sized ears! The ears were just as huge as his head. He placed his hand gently into the glass case offering the mouse to jump on. At first the mouse flinched back and suddenly acted all shy, but then he placed one foot in front of the other on the boy's hand. From there on they became the best of friends. How should I know? Well I was actually there when the mouse went to his new home. After the boy picked up the mouse he paused and looked at me. Meow. I tried to act normal and cute. I actually hoped that he would adopt me but in my head I was thinking 'Who am I kidding. He would never adopt me. I pretty sure he is wise enough to know that cats and mice are not the best of friends.' He picked me up and the mouse flinched and became extremely scared.  I gave him a gesturing look to reassure him. When the boy noticed that mice wasn't my delicacy he adopted me as well as the mouse. This very boy had complete empathy for everyone. I wanted to be just like him. (apart from the huge ears). When we arrived in our new home, the mouse and I become close friends. The boy's name was Oxpadter. It took me a while to memorise the name. 

He eventually named me Arnold and the mouse Mickey. He gave me all the food I could ever need until I became a bit fat. (Not really fat but well, lets say chubby) Oxpadter introduced us to all his friends and family. Eventually he introduced us to these two boys who were his friends but not really close. One of them had a broken arm and the other had a broken ankle. I came to realise that these two boys were the nasty boys that made fun of Mickey. I felt so angry at them that I kinda went crazy and scratched both of them. It did feel good though. Mickey thanked me and we had the best lives together. And we lived happily ever after! (But we did not get married. That's just crazy!) THE END

Original Story.   

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