Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Reading Portfolio. Sample

For today's Tic Tac Toes I have done "What's a Prefix?" Tic Tac Toes are reading activities that we can choose from to improve our literacy. Tic Tac Toes are cut into to groups. "Expanding Vocab" and "comprehension". I'm in Expand Vocab.  Since in class we had to do a portfolio sample I decided to do a sample on this Tic Tac Toe. If you're wondering "what is a prefix?" let me explain. A prefix is is "affix" which comes in the beginning of a word. For example: if the prefix was "un" and you added it onto the beginning of "happy", you will get "unhappy". The "un" changes the meaning of happy to the meaning of "un" which has the same meaning as "not".

Here are my words that has the letters "TRI" in them."Tri" means "three." On a bicyle you add the letters "tri" and it makes "tricycle" A trycycle means it's a bike but with "three" wheels.

Triathlon (3 stages in a "triathlon")

Trigger  (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")
(Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Airstrip (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Strike (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Tribes (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Stride (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Trip (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Trial (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Triangulate (3 corners in "triangle")
(Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Trickster (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Triangular (3 corners in "triangle")
(Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Tripod (3 legs on a tripod)

Trifler  (Just has "tri" in the word. Does not mean "3")

Sucsess Criteria: (Expand Vocab)
Read on
List of words
Base or root word
Cause and effect
Comparisons and contrasts

Big Idea: We had to make a list of words with the letters "TRI" We had to find as many words as possible.

WOW Aye!
Those are awesome words that start with tri. I think I could use some of those words in my writing. Just a question what would you do if you could not find a device or a dictionary book how will you be able to find some new tri words? But you have done a very VERY good job.
Sophie W

Thanks Sophie for the feedback and feedfoward. Just to answer you question: I think I would look around  me and see if any objects or related objects might help me get more ideas. I think I might need to work on trying to get more juicy words and hopefully use these words in my writing. I will work my way up to this goal by looking in the  thesaurus and maybe think about more complicated words that have the same meaning as the basic one. I also think I am doing well using the sucsess criteria because I use most of these strategies to find out about new words. Hopefully I will still remember these strategies when I get older! :D


  1. What a great start to your post Aye. I'd like to see more detail in your description - why do we do Tic Tac Toe activities? What is it helping you to get better at?

    Also - what is a prefix? What does 'tri' mean - do all of these words fit? (Think about the meaning of these words?

    What are the success criteria for your reading goal?

  2. Aye - you just took this post to the next level! Your description of what a suffix is really makes this clear.

    I'd still like you to think about your 'expand vocab' goal - what are some strategies that you can use when you don't understand a word when you are reading. These things are your success criteria. You will also need to think about how you are going with your success criteria - perhaps you could add this to your evaluation?

  3. I agree Aye! I think you are doing a great job at these success criteria and I am sure you will remember them when you are older!