Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Complex Sentences

WALT: To use complex sentences.
Description: In writing we are learning to use complex sentences. A complex sentence is a sentence where an independent clause is connect to a dependent clause.

For example: Sea turtles can spend 99 percent of their time under water, how interesting.
The text in Red is an independent clause so it can stand alone while the text in Pink is a dependent clause where it can't stand alone.

We had to write a story about Sea Turtles to show our understanding of complex sentences.
First we had to gather normal facts about Sea turtles, then we changed them into complex sentences.

Here is my writing. I hope you like it!

Sea turtles are very interesting animals. A sea turtle's life style is different from other turtles, how amazing. Some of them can even travel across the whole ocean in a migration! The average sea turtle would travel around 1000km just lay their eggs, isn't that a big waste of energy? Sea turtles spend 99% of their time in the water. Leather-backs weigh up to 1000 pounds, they must eat a lot! Speaking of food, adult sea turtles would eat moss and sometimes jellyfish while baby sea turtles  would eat crabs. I hope these facts would give you a more understanding of sea turtles, right?

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