Thursday, 3 September 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description:  In maths we have been learning about multiplication and division. We have been practising the folowing strategies with Troy to help us: S (Spliting), R/C (Rounding Compensating), PLAT (Proportional Adjustment), KF (Known Facts) and PVP (Place Value Partitioning).


Big Idea: My goal in maths is PLAT. (Proportional Adjustment) PLAT is basically working out multiplication facts using doubling and halving AND tripling and thirding. For example: 12 x 5. If  we were using doubling and halving we would halve 12 and double 5. That would be 6 x 10. That makes it easier and we get the answer 60. For the first question we had to use 2 strategies. One of the strategies I used was PLAT. The other strategie was KNOWN FACTS. Known facts is basically working your way up to the answer using facts that you know. For example 32 + 32. 30+ 30 = 60. 2 + 2 = 4. 60 + 2 = 62. Next is R/C (Rounding and Compensating) For example: 5x19. First we round 19 to 20. 5x 20 = 100. 100 -5 =95

Evaluation: I think I have done well in using my strategy effectively. I believe I have proven my understanding in using PLAT. I think I might need to work on using R/C because I rarely use this strategy  in my learning but instead use algorithm or PVP or even PLAT. 

Feedback/ FeedForward: You have done a good job at explaining your strategy. I like the way that you have presented your learning I learnt lots from it.
Next time you could try to add more stratigies to your brain and remember how they are all used!

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  1. Aye, as always this is an exceptional portfolio sample. Your explanation is perfect, I even think an Alien could understand how to do maths based on reading this. Your Maths ability is excellent and I love how receptive you are to new teaching. Thanks for being awesome!