Thursday, 6 March 2014

WALT: Set Smart Goals

WALT: Set smart goals
Since camp is next week we made our camp goals. We got to write it in our camp booklets. On one page we had to write our camp goals. If you can't read this, this is what it says.
But first here is an example. On this example you can see that lines are underlined by colour. The one that it squared green is the what. The one that is squared blue is why. The one that is underlined black
is who. The one that is squared red is the how. The one that is squared orange is the what.

Here are my camp goals for camp. I hope I accomplish them.
Goal 1: I aim to always learn something new because there are a lot of things I don't know. Also we never stop learning. I can achieve my goal by listening to the teacher, instructor or parent.

I achieved it:
At camp I did achieve my goal. I achieved it by listening and trying new things. For example I listened to ants the instructor for abseiling. I listened to her closely so I could be carefull doing abseiling.
Goal 2: I aim to C3B4ME to the write people. I have this goal because I don't do that that often. I should C3B4ME in my last goal.

I achieved it:
I did not get to achieve my goal because I did not C3B4ME. Just because I didn't need to.
Learning partners comment:
Feedback: I like your goals becaues you didn't just write I aim to do abseiling you said what you wanted to do and you put detail in it.
Feed forward:I think you can work on the goal you did at camp.
From Aalaa
Feed back:the goals have heaps of detail in them.
Feed forward:you could achieve both of them instead of one.
From Ella


  1. Always good goals to have Aye and probably while you;re on camp some of this will be a case of trying your best and learning from it. I hope you have a great time!

  2. I would love to know more about how you achieved your goal or in the case of your 2nd goal how you might do this next time. Or was it that you didn't need to ask others and that you used your initiative instead. I wonder what you would aim for next time you have an experience like this?