Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cross Country Reflection

Today we did cross country. Before the race I felt really nervous. First the year 6s had to start. Then the year 5,4 and 3s. When the year 4s had to start I did not feel that excited. 

Nick was in the starting line ready to start the race. First we did some exercises just to get warmed up. Then Nick held the horn ready to blow it. He said "ready, steady, go." I tried to run as fast as I could.

During the race I felt like I was riding the wind. It felt great. I herd the crowd cheering and feet stomping! I passed a few people while I was running. 

When I was near the end I saw Stephen at the end taking photos. I felt really proud of myself. I am now excited for the real cross country. I hope you feel the same way!


  1. Dear Aye, I am so glad you successfully finished cross country. I was worried because you were sick during weekends. I am also happy to know that you enjoyed it.

  2. To Aye

    Well done. What place did you come? We have our cross country in term 3. I bet your gonna win like I do. How many cross countries have you won, I've won all of mine. Good luck with your real cross country. Remember to still be proud when you don't come first. Have happy thourgh. P.S Who is Stephen?

    From Leah your bloging buddy