Sunday, 28 July 2013

My holiday at London and Paris

Two weeks before school holidays, I went to London & Paris together with my family. We started our journey by taking Air New Zealand flight from Palmerston to Auckland. We stayed in a hotel in Auckland for one night.

The next morning we took Korean Air Lines from Auckland to South Korea. Gangnam Style! It took 12 hrs to arrive at Incheon, South Korea International Airport. In the plane, me and my dad watched a couple of movies while my mum was sleeping through out the journey. We stayed in a hotel in South Korea for one  night. I thought that the hotel was cool. The room was spacious and the buffet was delicious. For breakfast I ate lots of Korean dumplings. Oh, how yummy!

That afternoon we took Korean Air Lines again from South Korea to London. The flight took about 11 hrs to arrive at London Heathrow airport. We stayed at the hotel near Reagents park in central London. The next day we went shopping to Oxford street. My favourite shop was Hamleys toy store. Hamleys was a huge six story building packed up with different variety of toys everywhere. It is one of the biggest toy stores in the world! Once I entered the I felt excited. The next day was my daddy's admissions ceremony from Royal Collage. On that day I met Michelle, my youngest cousin for the first time. During the president's speech I almost fell asleep. After that my daddy received his membership diploma. Then we had dinner at the Collage.

The next day we went to Disneyland, Paris together with Michelle's family by Eurostar train. The journey took about two hrs. During the journey Michelle was playing on my i-Pad while I was sitting down on the train feeling bored. Finally we arrived at Disneyland! I was so excited to have fun. We stayed in hotel called 'Dream Castle Hotel' The hotel was cool. I felt like that I was really in a Dream castle. We stayed in Disneyland for 4 nights. The first thing we got was a Disneyland balloon. Me and Michelle got one each. The balloon was filled with Helium gas so it can easily fly away. We went on lots of rides and even met Chip & Dale, Donald Duck and even Minnie Mouse. We got lots of toys too. In our  rooms we had one huge bed and a bunk bed. The bathrooms were really nice. 

On the third day we visited the Eiffel Tower. The line was huge and it was so hot. It took forever. But it all payed off when we arrived at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Oh, it was beautiful. The next day we visited around Paris with the tour bus. I took many pictures with my own pink camera. All the buildings in Paris are so huge and grand. Everything was expensive. One glass of fresh fruit smoothie cost 12.5 euro. On our final day at Paris, we went to Disneyland again. We visited Walt Disney park that time. I found so much fun riding the train around the park and experiencing movie effects. At night times there are fireworks. The fireworks looked so cool. There was this thing called the world of colour. It was during the fireworks. I felt so amazed. It was spectacular! 

We went on Eurostar train again and went back to England. We went to this place called Southport. This is where my uncle, my daddy's twin brother lives. We stayed at their house for a couple of nights. Me and Michelle did fun stuff together. On the last day of staying in Southport we had to go to London. We had to say goodbye to Michelle's family. We went to the train station to get on the train to London. The moment we went on the train, Michelle cried because she was going to miss us. My mum also cried because she was going to miss them too. The train started to go.

In London we went on a tour bus and visited around London. We went back to our hotel and stayed there for a few nights.

We went back to New Zealand on 14th of July, but this time we didn't sleep anywhere. And we arrived at Palmerston North on the 16th of July.

I felt really lucky about this trip. I discovered new things and experienced lots of things.


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  1. Wow Aye! You are so lucky! I love your recount. P.S I love the photo!