Monday, 23 September 2013

Character Description

We are learnng how to write a character description using similes.

My mum could be short for size. She wears high heels most of the time to be tall. Her high heels are like growing elephants.

She has dark twinkling eyes. They twinkle as if it is moonlight. She has a tan type of skin. Her skin is like puffy clouds.

She normally wears dresses to look beautiful. I mostly see her in bright colours like the rainbow. But when she picks me up from school, she would wear a thick jacket and some sneakers. At home she would wear warm comfy clothes.

She has black hair. Her hair shines like diamonds in the reflection of the water.

She would wear make-up and lipstick as red as blood.

She speaks with a cheerful excited voice. She also would sometimes talk like a serious person.

She would act like a business lady late for the job. She is very funny like a hilarious actor.

She would give me a great big laugh. She would give me a chuckle whenever I say something funny. She would give me a puzzled look when I do something wrong. Her smiles are wide as a hippo's belly. But sometime her smiles turn into serious anger issues. She would yell like an disappointed giant chasing you and wanting to eat you. Her smiles are bright like the sun reflecting on your laptop. Her smiles bring joy to everyone around her.

Whenever she picks me up from school she would sit on the playground planks. She would try make a discussion with the people around her. When she goes to a restaurant she would try act fancy like the queen. She would try dress smart and pretty especially in England.

She cooks the best food for the family. Better than my dad. I love my mum and I always will. She is number 1!


  1. Aww! it's so sweet Aye. You also used your similes very well. I had to laugh out loud when I reach the line of your description about my yelling. Awesome job!

  2. Well done on your character description. I like the way you have used lots of descriptive words and similes. Your writing has given me a clear picture of your character.