Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Spring Holiday

Dear 4.5
I would like to tell you all details about my spring holiday.

At the beginning of the holidays, my mum enrolled me for holiday Taekwon-do classes. My mum also told Olivia's mum about that. So we went to Taekwon-do together. We have to take classes an hour a day for all weekdays. At our first class we had so much fun. We learned these cool Taekwon-do moves and self defence. At the end of the day we got a gift. The gift was a cool Taekwon-do wristband to remember the first day of Taekwon-do. The rest of the days were really cool too. But our gift was different everyday, all were healthy foods.

On Friday of the first week we went to Rotorua where we used to live before we moved to Palmy.  I missed Taekwon-do class on that day. We left the house in the morning and my dad started to drive. My dad drove us to Rotorua. During the trip we stopped at some places to eat and rest. Before we arrived at Rotorua, we stopped at Taupo lake. We took lots of photos there. We also had our lunch at KFC Taupo. After lunch my dad drove nonstop to Rotorua. We arrived at Rotorua around 2:00Pm.

In Rotorua, we stayed in lake front Novotel hotel. We went to our family friends house for dinner. I had fun playing with my friend Ivan. We played ball, soccer on Playstation, hide and seek. We played this game where we try to hide and someone has to find you and tag you with a ball. I also played on his keyboard. Then we came back to the hotel at 9:00Pm. While my mum was taking a rest at the hotel, my dad and I went to a fun fair in front of the hotel. We went on the Bumper Cars and the Ghost Train. We also went to these mini games. Their was the clown game where you put 5 balls in a clown's mouth and try get a winning number. If you get a winning number you get a prize. I didn't get a winning number but the man who was working at the clown game gave me a prize anyway. I got to choose from a fake key necklace or a Taonga necklace made with a New Zealand Paul shell in a shape of a heart. The answer was pretty obvious. I chose the Paul necklace. There were other games I played but I forgot them.

The next day was a Saturday market day in Rotorua. My family and I skipped breakfast and instead we went to the Saturday market to have our breakfast. We had chicken and lamb barbecue and I also had an ice cream. After that my mum and dad send me to my old BFF Alicia's house. I spent the whole day with Alicia until 8:00Pm when my dad came to pick me up. During the day we played on minecraft on the Xbox. Our friend Mikayla also joined us on the play date. I use to go to Otonga School when I was in Rotorua and I was a yr 1 and 2. (Click here to go to Otonga School website) As I was saying, we also walked Alicia's 2 dogs. Alicia has 9 pets, dogs and cats. We walked her 2 dogs in the woods behind her house. It is really cool that she has the woods in her backyard. It was really cool. We took the short cut. We were walking with her dad and pretending that he was evil. We tried to run away from him. While Alicia's dad was out of sight, we talked about making our own weapons. We were thinking that at home we will make weapons. I will have a healing potion and a dagger, Alicia will have a sword and Mikayla will have a bow and arrow. When we got home we started to create. Since making a healing potion is hard, Alicia and Mikayla helped me. Alicia got an empty jar and I filled it with water. We also putted some coke inside. We poured in some soap, dabs of blue and purple nail polish, some perfume to make it smell good and some m&ms. Then Alicia's dad came with noodles. We all got a bowl of noodles. Me and Mikayla were eating it properly with a fork while Alicia was eating her noodles with her hand and eating it dry. There were these spices and Alicia's dad told me to try one out. I tried the sour cream and onion. In really liked it. Alicia told me to put the sour cream and onion spice in the healing potion. I did. The healing potion was this pinkish reddish colour. After noodles we went into Alicia's room to find more stuff for the healing potion. After that my healing potion was finished. Mikayla and Alicia started to make their weapons. Now that my healing potion was finished I needed to make my dagger. We were thinking of making our weapons out of cardboard but Alicia didn't have any. Instead, me and Alicia made our weapons out of hard paper. Mikayla wanted to make her bow and arrow out of sticks and long leaves.  Alicia made her sword and made one side of the sword clean and the other side filled with blood. I had trouble making my dagger. I didn't even know what a dagger is. Alicia and Mikayla told me that a dagger is like a mini sword. It took me 5 tries to get it right. At least I finally got my own paper dagger. Mikayla couldn't do it. She had big trouble finding what she wanted for her bow and arrow. She couldn't find any sticks or long leaves. We were really happy about making our weapons so me and Alicia jumped on her trampoline. Mikayla finally found a perfect stick and a long leaf. She just pretended that there were arrows. Then my mum and dad came. Alicia's dad told my parents that I am allowed to stay till 8:00Pm. I was really happy. Alicia's dad took us to this horse paddock. We played lots of games there. When we got back Mikayla's  
mum was here. We had to say goodbye to Mikayla. When Mikayla left, me and Alicia played on minecraft on the Xbox. It was fun. Then Alicia's parents took us to the lakefront. We had hotdogs and chips. We fed some to the seagulls, baby geese, a goose, a black swan and baby swans. It was cool. Than we went back home. We went into Alicia's room and I saw some roller skates under Alicia's bed. I decided to wear them and I skated around the hall ways. Then my dad came. He was 5 minutes early. I told him that we still had time. So my dad talked to Alicia's dad for 5 minutes. Then I had to leave. Me and my dad got back to the hotel. Then me and my dad went to the spa and pool. My mum was too lazy to come. It was relaxing.

The next day me and my dad were sleeping happily when my mum woke us up. This was the day we had to leave. But I told my parents that I want to stay for 1 more day. My parents had to pay extra money to stay for another day just because they love me. We had so much fun. We went to Rainbow Springs and Skylines. Right now I am going to tell you about Rainbow Springs. This paragraph might be a bit long so be ready. In Rainbow Springs we first went to the Big Splash. It was awesomely cool. Look at the photo below. Look at our faces. Look at my mum's face. We had lots of fun. Than we went to this bird show. My mum did not like the bird show at all. I thought it was kind of cool. After the bird show, I got to play this game with the bird. What you do is, you give a coin to the bird. Than the bird gets the coin and slips it through the little whole of the money jar. Then we went to the Kiwi Encounter. We went with a guided tour. We learned a lot about the kiwi and the kiwi baby. Did you know that in New Zealand we only have the brown kiwi. After that we browsed around Rainbow Springs. I would love to tell you about the birds I have seen but I don't want to make a long paragraph like the last one. Then we went to Skylines. Skylines was just next door to Rainbow Springs so we walked there. At Skylines we went on the gondola up to Mt. Ngongotaha. Then me and my dad went on the luge for 3 times. What did my mum do? Well, she was so scared to ride the luge and spent the time by chatting with her friend on the phone while waiting for us on the mountain. Then we went to this restaurant in Skyvue restaurant. Skyvue is at the top of Mt. Ngongotaha. Also part of Skylines. In the restaurant, mum and dad had fish and chips while I got ice cream. Then we went to the jelly belly store in Skyvue. The shop was full of different kinds of jelly beans. Look below and you will see a picture of the jelly belly store. See how cool it was. Than we went to take some photos on Mt. Ngongotaha. After that we went back on the gondola to go down the mountain and we went back to Rainbow Springs. This time we went directly to the playground. Then we went back to the hotel. After that we went to the spa and jacuzzi and we called it a day.

The next day was our last day in Rotorua. We checked out from the hotel and went outside to the lake front. I got to blow lots of bubbles. It was fun. Then we went back home to Palmy.

When we went back home, it was the usual routine. I went back to my Taekwon-do class everyday. On the last day of Taekwon-do, we did a photoshoot. We also got a certificate and a gift.

My holiday were ended in a good way because I got to watch Percy Jackson, The sea monster with my mum and dad on Saturday. Guess what, it happended just now.

I am a little bit sad about school holiday ending but I am also happy because I get to meet my friends again.


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