Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Maths sample

WALT: We are learning to multiply using place value.
 Our focus is to use different multiplication strategies to figure out three digit multiplication questions faster.  
At the moment we are focusing on the place value strategy.  To start with, our maths group worked together to learn the strategy.  Then we had a go by ourselves trying to use the strategy for each problem.  We shared our answers back with the group to discuss what the answers were. We are learning about place value.
Me, Hannah and Georgia made a poster about our maths we have been learning. Here it is.

Reflection from Georgia
I think you have worked very hard on this post. I like the way you have made the text very easy for someone who didn't know how to do it would understand straight away. Maybe next time you could find a different way to work out this question.
Reflection from me
I think we all did a great job. It was hard trying to explain how to do it, but we did great.


  1. Aye! You are amazing! This is a perfect sample - you are really striving for excellence - well done!

  2. I agree with Nic! You really are striving for excellence. Your poster clearly shows the place value strategy. I like the way that you have shown it in picture form, but also explained it in writing. When you are able to explain a strategy to this depth, it really shows your level of understanding.