Friday, 22 March 2013

Boat race

On Friday room5 brought handmade boats to school. Room5 made boats because it was this weeks Hands on homework. Room5 bring there boats to the swimming pool because we were having a boat race.
I saw lots of fantastic boats. Some people's boat was big, small, and weird! Some boats even have its own motor!
First the boats with motors raced first. Then the boats with no motors went.
My boat had no motors. Then the race began.
When it was the boats with no motors turn it made me felt pretty confident. When the race started I gave my boat a little push and a little blow.
My boat started going. It went further and further to the finish line. When it got to the end it made me felt really happy.
I feel glad room5 had a boat race.


  1. To Aye

    Hi it's your blogging buddy here. That looks lots of fun. When I was in room 1 I did that and made boats. But when we got to our school pool all the water was gone! I really like you blog and your boat that you made. Or did some one else make it? Thank you for the comment you sent me, if you look on my blog I think I replied to your comment. Can you put another comment on my blog or reply to this so we can chat please?

    From Leah
    Vardon School

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