Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Swimming sports

Yesterday the Russell street school seniors went to swimming sports. First we had to go on the bus. Since my BFF, Olivia was next to me in line I got to sit next to her on the bus. When everybody got on the bus the driver started driving. Me and Olivia played some hand games and waved at people through the window. Next we made it to the Lido!
Then I said "finally, we made it to the Lido."

When we got inside we had to go to the 25 meter pool to swim. Olivia said" Aye you do swimming lessons here so you know this place."
First the people that are swimming the widths had to go first. I was swimming the lengths. When I had to swim I was swimming freestyle and backstroke. I did freestyle first. David was standing beside us getting ready to start the race. David blew a whistle meaning we have to get ready. Everybody grew silent. I felt really nervese then "HONK" David honked the honked the horn meaning we have to go start. I went as fast as can. I got 3rd place! Then I did backstroke. In backstroke I came 3rd place again!

Then I cheered on as loud as I can to the rest of the people who was
swimming. After that I had to go change.
Next I went outside the Lido to eat a little bit of lunch.

Then me and my class went to the esplanade.
I got to finish the rest of my lunch. Then I got to go out and play. The very first thing I played in is the flying fox. There was a huge line. My BFF Olivia was behind the person who was behind me. I wasn't scared at all when it was my turn I got a go. While I rode the flying fox I swooped down like an aeroplane!

After that I played with Olivia to do other things. We went on sea saws, little playgrounds and did some climbing. Then James honked a horn meaning we have to stop playing.

Next we had to go back to school. When we went on the bus me and Olivia sat together again. Finally we made it back from school.
I felt really glad I went to swimming sports!

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