Monday, 16 June 2014

Integrity sample

WALT: Show Integrity

Why? To showcase our understanding of this terms value of Integrity. We will share this during our Student Led Conference.
When? Week 7
Who? The World

Task: make a panoramic photo showing integrity

Description: Integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Zac, Ross, Grace and I made a panorama of what integrity is.
In the panorama, Zac and Ross were drawing pictures and leaving the pencils on the floor. I picked up the pencils even though no one told me too. I placed the pencils back to it's place.
Grace was the photographer.

When have I been showing integrity?

I have been showing integrity in marking my tables challenge sheet. I have shone integrity when I was doing my work independently. I have also done it at home too. Not only at school.
I have not shone integrity sometimes. Sometimes when I do my work and have to go somewhere, I sometimes leave my pens on the floor and avoid trying to pick them up. It's not really good to not show integrity so I try to pick up my pens and put them away now.
I think we all did a fantastic job. I think we did the best that we could trying to tell people what is integrity. Just maybe aliens could understand what our panorama's story is telling.

Grace's comment (feedback/feedforward):
Great work I can really see that you understand and know what integrity is Wow great work keep it up Aye.

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