Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Maths Number Knowledge Tests

Description: In class we have been doing number knowledge tests.  If we got more than 80% in our Stage 4 test then we pass and get to do the Stage 5 test. If we didn't, we work with the teachers and that means we are on Stage 4. When you move on to the Stage 5 test you also have to get more than 80% to pass. When you pass the Stage 5 test then you have to do the Stage 6 test.
My Stage 4 Test: % 96

My Stage 5: % 96

My Stage 6: %28

Big Idea: I am in Stage 6. With our test we got a second chance to answer the questions, but we only get a tick if we can answer the questions in less than 3 secs. Then we highlight the questions we got mostly wrong in pink. That will tell us our goal. My goal is to write numbers to 10 000 000, including fractions and decimals.

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  1. There are some great things for you to be working on here Aye! You were nearly able to 'prove it' with numbers to 10 000 000 last week. I bet you will 'nail it' next time you do this prove it. Please let me know if I can help in any way with this goal. These numbers are pretty big aren't they?!