Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Swimming Goals

Description: This term we have started swimming again. we have made some videos to show our skills in swimming. We looked back at out videos and observed what we could get better at and needs more practise. Then we made our own goals.

My Backstroke:

The Big Idea: Looking back at my videos I have made my goal. My goal is to concentrate on my kicking in backstroke. I am going to do this by trying to kick higher and concentrate more. I will try to achieve this goal before the term ends. I will know when my goal is achieved when I feel like I
can't get it wrong. I will retake a video and check if my goal is achieved. If I think my goal is
achieved I will set a new goal for myself.

Sadly, I wasn't at school when we had to retake another video of ourselves accoplishing our goal. :( So what I'm going to do is tell you how I feel about my goal.

Evaluation: I feel like my kicking in backstroke is improving and I feel like my feet are kicking higher and sinking less. I'm concentrating more on my legs and arms equally without overthinking
about both. I feel like I really have achieved my goal. I have tried achieved my goal in swimming sports and it went really well!

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