Monday, 9 March 2015

Bus Stop writing

Bus Stop Writing
Purpose: Describing the characteristics of an object. 
This is an unedited piece of writing.

26th Feb Thursday 2015
Young artist and daughter of our favourite architect Franklin Figs, Mallory Figs has came up with an unusual idea. Her 'idea' of an art project has become viral for the past few weeks. Everyone has been asking if Mallory's project was intended to be a success or was inspired by a certain topic. For everyone to understand her project she decided to tell us all her story.

This young artist went to art classes and really loves the assignments her art teacher gives her. "She is very passionate about what she does and she knows she gonna be a success in her art." Her art teacher explains. Her art teacher gave the class an assignment to create a project that is inspired by you. The whole class had to finish this by the end of the two terms. The project was big and  really made Mallory excited. Nothing really struck in her mind though. She was unsure of ideas and nothing really inspired her. When she walked back home she was thinking of ideas. When she arrived at the bus stop she paused. Her mouth dropped and her eyes beamed. The bus stop that stood in front of her was completely destroyed. She saw the bus  broken down in the bus stop. "Did the bus crash into the bus stop?" 
"All my thoughts drizzled away as I confronted the bus stop." Mallory blurts. Mallory always remembered that, that particular bus stop was not like the others. From this confusing response she says that the bus stop had posters all around it that informed people that the bus stop is going to be remade into an environmentally friendly children's playground. Mallory knew the posters have been there for months and never gotten stripped down. It does break Mallory's heart that all that all  that planning has been destroyed. But instead of worrying about it and doing nothing she did something else. She called her dad to get more architects and constructers to create a bigger project then she had in mind. She wanted to create a bus morphed into a bus stop! "It is a weird idea but I want to show everyone that this is what happens if you don't drive safely." Mallory says. Intrigued with Mallory's idea he agreed to  join her project. 

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