Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Why Apples Are Red

Purpose: create a story to share orally
Description: Oral storytelling is a Maori tradition. We have been planning our own story to tell on the Marae in Week 7.

My Story planning:

My setting:

My Story board:

My final storytelling:

I liked your face exprashons it actually made it make more sense for me, I noticed that you used most of that time making a big croud you might have to next time talk a bit slower because I couldn't really understand you. Gaby :P

I think I have really done well in my storytelling. I have tried to add more humour and crowd participation at my performance at the marae. I do think I could make improvements though. What I think I should work on is to drag the audience in a bit more.


  1. Hey aye devin here please work on your humor its a bit low
    and your story was meaningful so i got your message clearly well done

  2. Thank you for your honest evaluation Aye. What would you do to 'drag the audience' in more?